A gathering of ladies of different age group and walks of life to discuss a common lifestyle issue was an eye opener for many.  Hosted by the renowned skin care brand Sebamed, we came together one lazy Sunday afternoon for a know how to learn about an important aspect of our health –  our Skin.

The brand is popular amongst its audience in India for its baby care products, few are aware that Sebamed is equally popular globally for their range of adult skin and hair care range.

The Meet Up was hosted by Sebamed team to address the queries of the ladies focusing on women and the kids.

Women of today as a youth, professional, mother, grandparent from being career oriented or a homemaker and sometimes both  have been playing multiple roles.   Life can get stresssful for us.  And most often stress takes a toll on the body immediately reflecting on our skin.

“We all have unique skin types, stress-induced symptoms can manifest differently in everyone,” Shanth Kumar, GM, SEBAMED explains.   “This can include acne flare-ups, rashes, inflammation (especially for those with psoriasis and eczema), excessive dryness and more.  And it doesn’t stop there”, SEBAMED’s Dy Gen Manager, Bipasha Chakraborty  explains, “ It can extend to increased sensitivity, dry, chapped lips, and a “depleted, dusty, chalk-like complexion”.

So what’s the solution? Taking healthy steps to manage stress plays a significant role in improving the look and feel of our skin. Even something as seemingly simple as taking a brisk walk, meditation can help to keep stress under control. Drinking plenty of water and maintaining a healthy balance in our diet is of equal importance.

Pairing these lifestyle choices with a most effective skin care regime will help counteract the negative effects that everyday stressors can have on our skin.

sebamedHere we were informed  about a unique feature in all Sebamed products, that they have a pH of 5.5, which is the pH of a normal healthy skin.  pH 5.5 leads to soft and smooth skin, aids in skin renewal and imparts a healthy glow to the skin and guards skin from infections.

Using skin care products which do not have a pH of 5.5 can alter the protective acidic mantle of your skin. This can cause long term damage as it depletes your skin of essential oils and other substances, leaving it open to infections. Eventually your skin is left looking dull, dry and aged.

Sebamed products have been developed by dermatologists to meet our skin’s specific needs. They are ideal for all skin types including sensitive and problematic skin.  Besides this, their product features address special needs for babies, men and women.

Winding up the session with a Q&A with Sebamed’s doctor Michaela via skype, the rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying a scrumptious lunch with the conversation flowing around the learning.  The company has launched travel size packs of a select range of their products for the consumers to try and experience themselves.  We were delighted to receive the same as a give away gift.


About Sebamed :

The world of Sebamed is the science of Healthy skin.  Sebamed is world’s leading skin care expert from Germany with more than 50 years of rich experience.  The brand is present in more than 85 countries worldwide. It’s product range provides the unique advantage of pH 5.5 which preserves your skin the way it’s meant to be!