This year it has been a successful year for Hindi Cinema as the movies have earned some great numbers. And it’s not only the movies, the audiences have also appreciated the actors.  Actors like Irrfan Khan, Varun Dhawan, Prabhas, Taapsee Pannu has given us the movies that we just won’t forget in a hurry.  Brands are also loving these actors, by increasing the number of brand endorsements and connect with their users. Let’s have a look at the big players in the most recent times.

Ranveer Singh – The notorious hunk of an actor has made a quite a impression on brand mangers who seem to be queuing up to him for brand endorsements. From endorsing cars to food products and travel portals, he has been the clear choice to play a man of rustic and suave characteristics alike. He has recently bagged around 7 to 8 brands.

Irrfan Khan – The international artist swinging with equal aplomb between Bollywood’s dinchak screen to playing the debonair characters in Hollywood, Irrfan Khan has become a clear and popular choice for around the globe. He has been recently approched for an International Financial Services Company. He has currently 6-7 brand endoresements.

Taapsee Pannu – Young, vivacious and gorgeous, this actress is attracting attention both at the Box Office and the Corporate Honchos who are vying to sign her for their brands.  She was  approached by 14 brands this year.  However, the sharp-minded and blunt actress does not promote brand which are unethical to the society due to which out of 14 brands she has signed 8 brands as of now.

Alia Bhatt –  She is the youngest in the list, but definitely not the least.  Yes, it is the Bhatt girl – ‘Alia Bhatt’ who debuted in 2012, set the box office on fire with her back-to-back success seems to be the clear go to girl by top brands.  Though she has 8 brands, her fees sets her apart amongst the rest.

Shraddha Kapoor –  Our Aashique2 girl, Shraddha Kapoor is not to far behind with some leading brands having long term contracts with the beauty.  Shraddha has more than 6 brands in her portfolio and expected to sign a few more…