20171031_172451The No-Fire cooking workshop hosted at Hotel Oriental Aster by Rakshita Dwivedi of Recipe Dabba was a hit with the kids and mommies alike.

Kids of various ages between 4 to 12 seemed to be at ease with the no-fire cooking which was hosted as a part of November 2017’s on-going workshops conducted by a popular mother support group

Popular mother support group, convenyed the event with her usual panache, overseeing that all was set in place before the begining of the event.  Her sponsors and partners of the workshop Nandini products, a bangalore based diary producer and Recipe Dabba set off the workshop with the 1st receipe being the all time favourite Mumbai snack, Pani Puri with a twist for the kiddos which included a lot of healthy and yummy ingredients.

The receipe called “Milky Phuchkas” set the tempo for the kids to familiarize themselves with the art of making their own food.  The puri were dabbed liberally with the chocolate sauce (made by the kids with cocoa powder, honey and some Nandini ghee used), stuffed with museli and dunked in a divine concoction made by milk and various flavours to suit one’s palate….Believe me kids will love this healthy snack and relish it.

Next in line was the “Dry Fruit Bite”….The kids were informed on the various names of the ingredients, their origin and snippet information which kept the activity interactive and informative.

Rakshita’s smile and patient ways had the kids and mommies so much at ease that time flew quickly and we were nearing the end of the session with the finale being a favourite for many called the “Maska Swirl”.

To summarise the whole activity, Rakshita had a special quiz contest on the information and activity.  Ritu  handed various Nandini products to the winners of each answer.  Each participant were gifted a complimentary family visit to the forthcoming KrazyKidsKarnival.  Our winner Jeehan Bajaj was super delighted not only to realise his enthusiasm for cooking and but also win a medal for his efforts.   Similar was the feeling that all the children left the venue raring to continue their foray in cooking back home for their families and friends.  . . MasterChefs in the breeding indeed !