Post the birth of my son, life set into a routine, my adventure backpack was replaced by a tote bag full of kiddies stuff.  The hi-flying, adventure seeking career was replaced to being a work from home mom, blogger, media and celebrity manager and so on (not that I am complaining!) Since long now I have been living an urbane, tech-friendly life, enjoying all its trappings.

Over the summer vacation, grappling to figure out what to do with a hyperactive 8 year old boy,  I landed at Let’s Playan indoor adventure playzone, which came highly recommended by a dear friend, who just couldn’t help but rant and rave about the place since her visit with her 6 year old daughter.  Not to mention my neighbour who has a 14 year old who visited the place himself and seemed totally smitten and suitably awed.

So I had to check out the place for myself to see what the hype was all about.  And was I surprised!

9 years since my last adventure trip to Egypt, here I stood, looking up the wall of zig – zag ladders, hand and foot holders, with a harness around my waist and wondering what am I really doing?   “I Can’t! What if I fall?” yelled out Jeehan, my 8 yr old son.   I snapped out of my own dreamy state and yelled back encouragingly “Sweetheart, it’s easy and then again you have a safety harness around you, look how mamma does it”. And I started to climb up myself.   Whilst doing so, my sweaty palms told me a different story.  Halfway up, I took a long breath, cajoled myself and continued up, while encouraging my son to do the same.  Finally, we were at the top and it was time to let go!  Not so easy task, especially, when you look all the way down, you realize, what it means to overcome your fears.   But then at the count of three and with a “Jai Mata Di“ to back me up, I let my hand and foot off and Boy! Did we swing?  I felt so invigorated and exhilarated. I had made it happen!

“Wow! I am flying like Spiderman”, yelled Jeehan, who had bounced back on his feet the minute he landed and was up the other wall, this time more confident.  From here on there was no looking back, one after the other, we tried various walls of the different climbs.

Let’s Play is an interactive multi-level wall climbing and rope course playzone offering fun and adventure for all age groups from 4 to 60 depending on your physical agility.  It has activities ranging from team building such as Speed Competition Wall, Spider’s Web, Fireman’s Wall and The Labyrinth and over 20 different activities to test one’s agility, strength, and courage. It also doubles as a venue for corporates to host team building and communication exercises.

I saw a young girl fearlessly swinging and climbing up the wall like a pro. She had definitely caught my attention and I felt awed by her lazy manner with which he performed and made every activity seem so easy. Made a resolution to get fitter – Now!  And yes, this is a great way to burn those extra calories.

I also bumped into a small group of mothers who were there with their young ones to enjoy this unique experience, all the way from the western suburbs, I was told.  After a quick chat, some pictures for my blog and a quick bite at the F&B counter on the mezannine floor, me and Jeehan winded up our session at Let’s Play.

I realized it was a good 3 hours we had spent here.   You can easily stretch it to 4 hours. In fact the management has some interesting packages for individuals, groups and corporates. With a lovely banquet hall to serve an idyllic birthday get together to corporate training programs, Let’s Play is geared to handle all stresses of life!

The mall where Let’s play is situated is in the vicinity of the buzzing and popular Hypercity mart, also neighbour to the world famous Decathlon (the french sports wear and gear) mall so you and the family can spend a wholesome day in the premise itself. For location to the playzone ….Google Maps Let’s Play.

Happilly tired, we made a promise to come back, more fearless and this time its game on with Jeehan and his papa, cause Father’s Day celebration on June 18, is in full swing @ Let’s Play !

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