Dr Parag Telang, Rakhi Sawant and Meenal Telang at Launch of Designer Bodyz new Studio

“If God hasn’t given it to you, get it from a Doctor”,  controversy Queen Rakhi Sawant had once quoted. But not just any cosmetic surgeon can give you the desired results. It is important to analyze the procedures & risks that involve and what guarantee of success the doctor assures you when you decide to go under the knife.

One such successful name in the field of the art of the body correction is ‘Designer Bodyz’.   From correction of a flat noses to body flab to facial sagging, they have expertise that guarantees perfection on every corner of your body.  Dr Parag Telang,, Director of the institute is a Certified Cosmetic Plastic surgeon.   He has trained extensively in Aesthetic surgery in the centers across Europe and caters to a majority of Celebrity clientele of global fame.  He has performed more than 3000 Cosmetic surgeries so far. From Vaser Liposuction for fat loss, Minimal Incision Facelifts, breast reshaping, nose corrections, body contouring to ear reconstructions, Designer Bodyz offers a whole gamut of solutions for a wide range of problems, all under one roof!

They launched their swanky new centre at the popular address in Andheri in western suburbs by Guest of honour Neetu Chandra, Brand Ambassador of Taekwando for India.  The brutally honest Rakhi Sawant, ‘Laal Rang’ actress Piaa Bajpai, ‘Naagin and Naagin 2 fame girl Adaa Khan were also present.